Announcement: Georgaki and Partners Law Firm to Participate At the MIPIM 2023 in Cannes
Real Estate | February 2023
georgaki law firm - mipim expo 2023

Georgaki and Partners Law Firm, a leading legal and consulting company with expertise in property investments in Greece, will be attending the 32nd MIPIM 2023, an annual exhibition that has been taking place annually since 1990, on the 14-17 March that will include a large participation by Greek real estate development companies. 

The MIPIM international real estate exhibition gives direct access to the participating companies to expand their networking platforms by reaching new deals and establishing new unions, while also offering access to capital and worldwide development projects. The focus for 2023 will be placed on the three key pillars that are currently concerning the industry, which are sustainability, customer experience and business performance, under the slogan “Better places. Greater Impact. Stronger Business”. 

Georgaki and Partners Law Firm will be among experienced real estate companies and related leading players that are expected to attend the exhibition, which for 2022 saw more than 15,000 attendees from the international real estate industry and more than 4,000 investors and financial institutions from all around the world. 

Participants and visitors will have the opportunity to meet up with Georgaki and Partners Law Firm through a number of special workshops and networking events that will be taking place and gather all the information and inspiration required for establishing new ideas and perspectives within the property investment industry

The booth for Georgaki and Partners Law Firm will be located in the Riviera Room, Stand R7.A.


georgaki law firm mipim expo 2023


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