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Golden Visa - Invest Migration | November 2021

Despite the challenging social and financial landscape and the impediments emerging from the pandemic crisis, the Greek property market seems to be rapidly rebounding.

Real Estate | October 2021

The pandemic, fortunately, did not have a negative effect on Real Estate sector in Greece, which is proven by the incredibly encouraging and promising statistical records for the first semester of 2021.

Real Estate | October 2021


Golden Visa - Invest Migration | September 2021

A new tax motive regarding parental grants, which is predicted to trigger a boost in Real Estate transfers, is to be in force from 1st<

Golden Visa - Invest Migration | September 2021

Pursuant to articles 10 and 11 of the new legislation “Reformation of deportation procedures and return of third country citizens, attraction of investors and digital nomads, issues of residence permit and procedures of granting international protection along w

Golden Visa - Invest Migration | September 2021





Golden Visa - Invest Migration | July 2021

Prokopis Chatzinikolaou

Real Estate | June 2021

Favorable 7-year scheme with 50% tax reduction and exemption from residence – automobile exhibits 

Tax Planning | June 2021

Greek bonds have the lowest risk and the highest yields of all government securities in the world.

Banking & Finance | June 2021

The investment interest towards luxurious and high-quality holiday residencies remains substantial in Greece, even during the pandemic.

Real Estate | May 2021

The price range in Greek property market has shown interesting fluctuations from 2011 to 2020.

Real Estate | May 2021



Banking & Finance | May 2021

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a favorable tax and insurance scheme for individuals and businesses, as well as investment motives for foreign citizens.

Tax Planning | April 2021



Golden Visa - Invest Migration | April 2021

Tax motives for Angel Investors are established for the first time by the Greek State.

Tax Planning | April 2021

Following the suspension of the demolition of illegal hotel facilities on the seafront, a new regulation comes to extend their rights to use.

Hospitality | March 2021

In the context of the new scheme “Economize - Autonomize” and the yearly budget of Ministry of Environment and Energy for the year 2021, a total budget of 1 billion euro is about to be disposed for energy upgrade of 80.000 buildings.

Real Estate | March 2021

The Greek government seems to have prioritized the vaccination in Greek islands, by sending special vaccination operations.

Hospitality | March 2021


Golden Visa - Invest Migration | March 2021

Following a year of depress due to the pandemic, Russian investors are expected to operate again within the Greek Real Estate Market during 2021, for acquisition of Residential and Tourist Properties.

Real Estate | March 2021

Pursuant to the new legislative scheme which was voted by Greek Parliament on 17.02.21, Greece addresses tycoons through the legislation upon the creation of “Special Cause Companies for Family Wealth Management”, globally known as “Family Offices”.

Industries | February 2021

​​​The need for mobility and flexibility, as a result of globalization, climate change and pandemics, has proven to be one of the timeliest topics of this century.

Industries | February 2021

The American government has published the “List with citizens who have chosen to expatriate”, which contains 660 names.

Tax Planning | February 2021

The Ministry of External via the deputy Minister of External Affairs, under his capacity of Head of the Interministerial Commission for Brexit, Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, and the Independent Authority of Public Revenues, via the Administrator, Mr.

Tax Planning | January 2021

The upload of forest maps is starting today for areas of Kavala, Pieria, Drama, Arkadia, Kastoria, Lefkada, Kefallonia and Zakynthos.

Energy | January 2021

Greece is on its first attempt to offer tax motives in order to attract foreign direct investments.

Golden Visa - Invest Migration | January 2021

As Anatoliy Lyetayev wrote at Investment migration insider on the 18th of December tax immigration; a foreign yet alluring concept that is rapidly becoming the top trend among high net worth individuals (HNWIs).

Tax Planning | January 2021

In the context of reshaping the tax legislation in Greece towards the attraction of foreign capitals, a new tax provision regarding foreign pensioners has been introduced for individuals who wish to decrease their taxation.

Tax Planning | January 2021

New deadline until the end of February is set for taxpayers in order to cover the exhibits through parental grants and donations and avoid the payment of extra tax with the submission of 2021 tax declarations.

Tax Planning | January 2021

The statements made by the American Minister of Energy, Dan Brouillette, regarding the investment interest of American companies in Greece were proven to be very optimistic.

Energy | December 2020

The objective values are expected to be re-adjusted and used for the calculation of unified property ownership tax (ENFIA) during 2021.

Tax Planning | December 2020

The upcoming Brexit which will turn British individuals to third country citizens with doubtful access to European Union, especially while the agreement between London and Brussels is pending, has shaped new trends for property market abroad from residents of United Kingdom.

Golden Visa - Invest Migration | December 2020

According to the Investment Migration Insider website and to the research of Anatoliy Lyetayevand the statistics from last year for some of the most popular resident permit’s by investment programs of Spain, Greece, and Portugal indicate that Greece had been the ultimate champion in “Golden Visa”

Golden Visa - Invest Migration | December 2020

Following a decision by the administrator of AADE (Independent Authority of Public Revenues) Georgios Pitsilis, the following deadlines are extended until January 2021:

Real Estate | December 2020

The first results following the voting of tax motives which were granted by the Greek government targeting the attraction of foreign citizens to Greece seem to be optimistic.

Tax Planning | December 2020

Taking into consideration the Brexit factor, the European Union has renewed its effort to create a real Capital Markets Union (CMU) for funding the post Covid-19 recovery -and indirectly decreasing its dependence from London and financial services.

Banking & Finance | December 2020

A two-year extension for construction in properties which are located outside of city plan and have a surface of below two acres was granted by the new polynomial plan which was submitted by the Ministry of Environment and more specifically it regards fields:

Agriculture | December 2020

According to Bloomberg, the country we considered as one with the strongest passports globally, is starting to lose ground, since the wealthy Americans are looking for a double citizenship. It is known that Americans have not expressed interest for “golden passports” until now.

Golden Visa - Invest Migration | December 2020

A fluidity enforcement of 600 million euro is estimated to be raised by the scheme “I save for Tourism”, which is expected to commence during early 2021.

Hospitality | December 2020
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