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Residence Permit for Financially Independent individuals

Non-EU residents who can prove taxes income of more than 2.000 euros per month in their country of origin are eligible for Greek Residence permit. Required documentation is as follows:

Α.1) Visa Type D

Required Documentation:

  • Passport
  • Health certificate with Apostille
  • Copy of criminal record with Apostille
  • Public Document that proves income over two thousands euro (2.000,00€) per month 
  • Tenancy agreement or residence purchase contract


Α.2) After entering Greece with Visa Type D

Required Documentation:

  • Application Form
  • Two (2) recent colored photographs in hard copy, that present the same technical specifications with the passports, as well as in digital form stored in a CD in JPEG2000 graphics format
  • Certified copy of a valid passport or travel document
  • Administrative fee in the form of the electronic administrative fee, according to the provisions of the article 132 of the Law 4251/2014, wherever it is required
  •  Insurance policy of a private insurer, wherever allowed, according to the existing legislation
  • Sufficient evidence that the interested party possesses adequate livelihoods, in terms of a steady annual income, whose amount is determined by joint Ministerial Regulation (currently 24.000,00€) deposited in a Greek Banking Institution


Types of residence permits for foreign direct investments


According to Number 53969/2014 Ministerial Decision (G.G. 2928/30-10-2014), the entrance and residence in Greece is allowed for investors following an investment of minimum height estimated at 250.000 euro for each. The entrance and residence is allowed to a maximum number of ten third-country citizens (executives), which is determined according to the height of the investment. 

More specifically, the correlation between investment height and executives is as follows; 


300.001-1.000.000 1


3.000.001-5.000.000 3

5.000.001-10.000.000                                  4

10.000.001-15.000.000                                5

15.000.001-20.000.000                                6

20.000.001-25.000.000                                7

25.000.001-30.000.000                                8

30.000.001-40.000.000                                9

Above 40.000.000                                       10


In order to characterize and define the investment, an application to the consular authority is necessary, which shall include: a) brief study relevant to the presentation  of the investment plan, b) details of the third country citizens (investors, executives) for whom the entrance and residence permit is requested and c) validation regarding the capacity of the investment carrier for the coverage of the investment’s capitals. 

It is noted that the applicant majors may include employees and technical staff, executives or other individuals, the capacity of whom as well as the scope which they shall undertake in relation to the investment shall be mentioned within the application.



Another investment category which has attracted a lot of interest is “Strategic Investments” which are defined and described in Article 1 L. 3894/2010. Strategic Investments are considered to be the productive investments which deliver qualitative and quantitative results of important degree to the total national economy, promote the exit from the financial crisis and concern especially the construction, reconstruction, extension, restructuring, modernization or the preservation of existing buildings, facilities and networks; a.  industry, b. energy, c. tourism d. transport and communication e. provision of health services f. waste management g. high technology projects and innovation h. field of education i. field of civilization j. primary sector and processing of agrifood products and k. provision of services regarding the tertiary sector in general provided that they fill at least one of the following conditions:

  1. the total investment cost is over one hundred million euro (100.000.000) regardless from the investment sector or
  2. the total cost of the investment is over fifteen million euro (15.000.000) for investments in the industry field within already organized receptors according to the current provisions or three million euro (3.000.000) for investments which consist projects within the framework of the portfolio fund (capital) JESSICA which has been established pursuant to No. 35996/EΥΣ  5362/2010 (Β’ 1388) joint ministerial decision ,as it is in force each time, based on the procedure which is defined in articles 1 paragraph 1 and 5 paragraph 1 of the aforementioned decision or
  3. the total investment cost is over forty million euro (40.000.000) while concurrently from the investment at least one hundred and twenty (120) new working positions are created.
  4. at least one hundred and fifty (150) new working positions, in a sustainable manner, are created from the investment or at least six hundred (600) working positions are maintained in a sustainable manner or
  5. the total investment cost is over five million euro (5.000.00) for investments regarding the development of Business Parks in Part B’ of L. 3982/2011 (A’ 143)
  6. the total investment cost regarding high research projects, technological development and innovation independently or for investments which are referred in paragraph 1 of the present and are estimated over 1.000.000 euro



  1. RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES (article 17, L. 4251/2020). 

For this residence permit the following individuals are applicable:

  1. Board of Directors Members, Shareholders, Managers, legal Representatives, and High Executives (General managers, managers) of companies with registered seat in Greece, as well as subsidiary companies and branches of Foreign companies who legally operate in Greece.
  2. Employees of companies based on special transnational agreements or suggestion by competent Greek authorities
  3. Managers, Business and Technical Executives of companies of L. 2289/1995 (A’27) who are occupied in marine research, drilling and mining of Hydrocarbons
  4. Staff and technical executives who are occupied in companies which have appertained to the provisions of L. 3427/2005 (A’312), L. 378/1968 (A’82) and article 25 L. 27/1975 (A’ 77), as replaced by article 4 L. 2234/1994 (A’142), as well as companies of L.D. 2687/1953 (A’317), as well as Greek companies in the context of executing contract of services or project signed by foreign company of case a’ of the present, with third, promotion of products and supply of technical support to foreign companies and consumers
  5. Technicians occupied in industries or mines
  6. Athletes and trainers of sports, recognized by Hellenic athletic authorities for the registration, transcription or employment to an acknowledged athletic association, Athletic Anonymous Company (A.A.E) or Department of Paid Athletes (T.A.A.)
  7. Intellectual property creators who produce works of intellectual content, and specifically writers, literary artists, directors, painters, sculptors, actors, musicians, singers, choreographers and scene writers
  8. Operators of superior religion or acknowledged religion
  9. Foreign press correspondents
  10. Members of foreign archeological institute
  11. Professors of foreign schools operating with a license by the Ministry of Education and Religions in Greece



Article 19: 7-year residence or underaged Greek child

Exceptionally, a residence permit with duration of three (3) years may be granted to citizens of third countries who reside in Greece. A citizen of third country may apply for this residence permit after proving his/her residence in the country for at least seven (7) consequent years before the application, or that he/she is a parent of underaged Greek child.

Article 19A: Humanitarian Reasons, including the following categories:

  1. Human trafficking victims
  2. Victims or substantial witnesses of criminal actions
  3. Victims of domestic violence
  4. Citizens of third countries who have been occupied under abusive working terms or as minors
  5. Individuals enrolled in therapeutic program of psychological addiction
  6. Citizens of third countries whose cases have been referred to Ministry of Internal and Administrative Restructure by the Competent Authorities



A third country citizen who has received an entrance visa may apply under the following conditions:

  1. Has been accepted into a University within Greece
  2. Has sufficient resources to cover living expenses during his/her stay, as well as expenses for return travel
  3. Has deposited registration fees to the Educational Institute (University)

The duration of this residence permit is one (1) year and may be renewed for a same time period as long as the same conditions continue to apply.


A third country citizen who has been accepted into a voluntary service scheme with duration over three (3) years, is accepted to reside in Greece after receiving an entrance visa for this purpose and under the following conditions:

  1. Has completed eighteenth (18) year of age 
  2. Has contracted with the carrier of receipt in Greece regarding the voluntary service scheme in which he participates
  3. Adduces evidence that the accommodation fulfills national legislation conditions
  4. Adduces proof that the carrier of receipt has signed an insurance of civil liability
  5. Has sufficient resources for the living expenses during his/her stay as well as the travel expenses for his/her return

This residence permit has duration for up to one (1) year. 





A third country citizen who resides lawfully in Greece (holder of a residence permit of at least two years) may request the entrance and residence of his family members in Greece. Each family member, following his/her entrance to the country and before the expiration of the entrance visa, files a separate application. The expiration date of each family member’s permit is the same as the main applicant-supplier of the family.

  1. LONG -TIME RESIDENTS (Articles 89-90)

A third country citizen who resides in Greece, lawfully and without interruptions, during five (5) years right before the date of submission of the relevant application, may apply for the long-term residence permit, under the following conditions:

  1. Has a sufficient income for himself and his family
  2. Has full medical insurance
  3. Fulfills conditions of inclusion in Greek society; i) sufficient knowledge of Greek language, history and culture, or ii) holder of permanent residence card as member of Greek family or iii) suggestion by the competent commission of civilian registration, iv) residence in Greece for twelve (12) years, v) special Homogenous identity card 

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