Mediation - Arbitration

Georgaki and partners Law Firm is widely established as Greece’s pioneer in mediation and International arbitrations across all key Jurisdiction and industry sectors.

In rapidly rising number of disputes among our global clientele nonjudicial methods of resolution  such as arbitration and mediation are more attractive than traditional litigation, as these mechanisms are more cost-effective, less time-consuming, fully confidential  and less adversarial.

The truly international nature of our practice enables us to provide innovative solutions and applicable advice even in the most demanding cases.

We participate in mediation and arbitration procedures in a world wide scale regardless the governing law of the dispute, the mother tongue of the parties or the nature of the arisen dispute.

At the moment our law firm is accredited mediator in the European Union, member of the Charted Institute of Arbitrators in UK and member of the London Court of Arbitrators.


Tax planning

Members of our law firm have extensive experience in strategic tax planning and tax implementation issues associated with multijurisdictional, cross-border transactions, global income and multiple tax residency issues. We also represent clients in cross-border tax controversies, including advising on transfer pricing and competent authority matters, and managing and resolving disputes arising from global, regional and bilateral business transactions.


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