The climatic and soil (land) conditions in Greece provide suitable circumstances for the agricultural and the livestock sector. Investors who are inquired to set up business would take advantage of those conditions. 


The crops and stock raising business could be extended / projected in all kind of products (final products or raw materials).   


The new ventures could be engaged in the processing, development, marketing, wholesale and retail of agricultural products or/and raw materials aiming for production of agricultural and non-agricultural final products.


The general scope is the production and the development of the distribution channel regarding more competitive quality products thus contributing, among other things, to the strengthening of the business and the creation of new working positions as well.

The investment would be related to :

-  processing / manufacturing (horizontal or vertical methods), services (logistics or 3PL), wholesale and retail, in order to provide products with high added value (tangible and intangible). 

- applicable innovative processes of new technologies

-  environmental friendly processes

-  operations which are involved in all parts of the supply chain value sector


The investment projects would be analyzed:

-       strategically 

Ø Initial asset, invest such as land, buiding (location)

Ø  Machinery determination

Ø  Vision

Ø  Targets (ratios, modeling, benchmarking)


-       operationally:

Ø  Working capital requirements

Ø  Functions (production lines, accounting, sales, deliveries, etc.)

Ø  Staff

Ø  Products (product policies, marketing etc)

Ø  Life cycle


The process regarding the development of a model (BUSINESS SCORECARD MODEL) measurement and the evaluation of commercial products responsiveness would consist part of the business plan implementation and in particular:


  • Measurement Model - Balanced Performance Scorecard, which will include pilots and indicators with quantitative and qualitative data, registration of new services.


  • Benchmarking Analytics (performance measurement) for the interpretation and use of financial and qualitative results of the services


The location of every investment is of utmost importance due to both Greek and the EU legislation law and the product strategy.


The building requirements must be eligible for the law requirements and the quality management standards (HACCP).


Machinery and equipment (production lines) would be procured either from Greece, EU or from third Countries. CE certifications are necessary.


Qualified personnel would be shortlisted in order to be evaluated and hired.

 At all cases hygiene and safety measures must be in compliance with the provisions of the current legislation without any exemptions.


The main strategic goals of the company in the framework of the business plan implementation would be the following :

  • Development (research as well) and distribution of innovative, mature and commercially available raw materials, products etc
  • Strengthening  the level of competitiveness, exploiting new technologies.
  • Broaden the company portfolio (sales growth) regarding the niche market of health industry abroad.
  • Utilization & exploitation of additional funding (EU) opportunities.
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