EU on its way towards a Capital Markets Union
Banking & Finance | December 2020

Taking into consideration the Brexit factor, the European Union has renewed its effort to create a real Capital Markets Union (CMU) for funding the post Covid-19 recovery -and indirectly decreasing its dependence from London and financial services.

Before the crisis, Europe needs an innovation for establishing a Capital Markets Union and fulfilling its targets. The availability of a sufficient volume of suitable “secure” property assets is, amongst others, considered crucial for the completion of this specific target.

This project will be resolved by the creation of a Capital Markets Union (CMU) with the duty of supervising the aliquot European capital markets. With the foundation of the Union, the development of faith towards European stock-markets will be possible, which will attract capitals that demand this exact trust. At the same time, the Authority will grant investment facilitations to all the European capital markets with rapid and successful procedures, and therefore the creation of this Union will add even more prestige, flexibility and development potentials to European system banks.

This fact, in combination with the granting of a European residence permit (golden visa) and the tax motives offered by the government towards businesses and individuals during the last months, is expected to result to significant positive changes in the banking landscape of Greece.

At the moment we are proud to be the Greek leader in European residence and citizenship planning. Our network of highly qualified professionals collaborates productively with the competent public authorities in order to serve hundreds of global clients and their advisors each year providing an unparalleled legal support in 7 different languages.

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